About our Teacher!

Updated: Jul 16

What brought him to Franklin County?

Rick Sloan is a Native Virginian. He was young and made it into Roanoke Va and ran out of money during his travels. That then left him later to settle down in Franklin County! He was a student at Ferrum College where he obtained his Bachelor’s in Environmental Science! Over his 40 plus years of farming organically in Franklin County he also worked and helped setting up multiple large grow indoor and outdoor operations all over the US. He also has helped multiple start ups of dispensaries and retail outlets in California.

Later on when Hemp became legal he immediately applied for the proper licenses to grow on his farm after experiencing the amazing benefits he got from the plant! This then triggered his research more! He learned over the years that Hemp/ Cannabis benefits too many things numerous to mention, which he plans to cover in the upcoming classes!

This is just the beginning of his story! Be sure to sign up for classes under the next page and come join us for Rick Sloans Hemp 101 Class “From Seed to Flower”

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