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Don’t be so scared of that leaf you see! Being that God brought that to you and me!

My story…

Hello, my name is Erica Elkins. I am a Franklin County Va local. Born and raised here nestled in the mountains! Growing up in this area I always knew what hemp was. We were always scared away from it as its been titled as a “drug”. Until today, on July 1st 2021 where Virginia has made it recreationally legal. Never would I have thought I would see the day. Going through school Ive know people that were labeled as the “smokers” but never really seen anything different. Maybe it was my young mindset where I just overlooked it..maybe I just seen them as humans just like me. Little did I know later on in life I would be doing what I am today!

I am the owner of a local CBD retail and grow supply store. Appalachian Mtn. Supply Co.

My story with CBD all started early last summer. Me and my family were at cookout and I knew something wasn’t right. My cheeks felt flushed red and hot and my chest began to tighten. I felt as though I couldn't breath. I sat there thinking oh it must be the hot weather or the glass of wine I had just finished. Nope! I knew that feeling from a couple years back! It was a panic attack! I sat by one of my friends as she seen my face and me rubbing on my chest thinking it would make the tightness go away, but it didn’t. It was the exact feeling I had before, that I thought was fixed by my anxiety and depression meds I had been on almost five years! I know I may get a little personal but I don’t mind sharing, I was on a pretty strong dose of Prozac prescribed by my doctor and also went through a process of being on Lexapro and Wellbutrin. I took my Prozac faithfully every morning as my doctor had said. Over the course of 4 years I gained over 25 pounds on these medications. Now again this was my personal experience and I’m not a Doctor or trying to give any advise. I’m a wife and a mother, and to gain that much weight was sickening to me. I felt bad and in a haze all the time and I had withdrew myself from not only my friends but my family, my son and my husband. I just want me anymore. Looking back it seems I just skipped 4 years of my life. People say “time flies” but my life had just disappeared! I know I sit here some nights and try to remember a lot of what happened but it just seems to be gone and very faint in my memory. I knew something had to change.

Going back to the panic attack sitting at our friends summer cookout my friend all of a sudden pulled out a vaporizer pen. I immediately asked her ”What in the world is that?” She said it was CBD! She had recently been on vacation and bought it from a CBD store she visited while there! She said, “Here! Try this” Not being any type of smoker I was like “ What do I do?” She said to just inhale and blow it out slowly. I trusted her to take it and try it, anything that could make my chest feel better at he time I was willing to try! This pen now let me tell you had no weird taste or smell. Nothing like I thought it would. Next thing you know 20 minutes or so had passed. I could take a deep breath and my body began to slowly pull out of the panic attack I was having. Now it could have been the 10 mins of my saying a prayer for it to lighten up or it could have very well been the CBD!

That following week I reached out to my primary care doctor as my head was spinning. Do I tell him at had a panic attack over the weekend and he up my dose of Prozac, or do I tell him I tried smoking CBD? I finally had a moment where I felt even more normal that night than I had in years! So I made the decision to tell him about what I had done! So after our 15 minutes of me telling him what had happened, yes I’m long winded, he wanted me to come in for a checkup. I agreed to the checkup and went in later that week. We discussed the medication I had been on and how I hated the weight I had gained and the way it was making me feel. He wanted to run a thyroid test to see if that could have been the reason for my heavy weight gain, but it came back perfectly normal! Later on that evening he called me to tell me everything looked great with my thyroid. So was this medication doing it all. Well my doctor couldn’t say. So I then made a plan with him to try starting CBD and adding it to my daily routine! He agreed and my research began!

That night I started my research on the best place to buy it and where could I find it locally so I could go that next day! This was a very hard task as some companies had great reviews and some were bad. I found a company and decided that I could order from them and have it here in a few days. The company had so many different things from tincture oil to gummies and smokeable things i could choose from. From my research I founds that the tincture oil was the easiest was to get the most pure form of CBD, so thats what I went with!

Those 3 days passed and it showed up in the mail! I couldn't wait! The directions on the bottle came with instructions to view the lab report of the item which is what I done first. Never would i have thought so in depth about CBD oil. They had tested it for heavy metals and even pesticides! The lab report even has the exact percentages of CBD. That lab report couldn’t hav been more detailed! So the rest of the directions said that a 1 ML full dropper could be taken every 6 hours as needed. So me looking into my daily routine that sound about like breakfast, lunch and dinner! Perfect! I can remember something that easy. Next thing you knew about 2 weeks had passed and my doctor called to check in on me to see if I. had started CBD in my daily routine. He promised to follow up in the next two weeks. Time flew by and I was consistent in my routine. Next thing you know i had been taking CBD for a full month! My doctor reached out to me again and asked how it was going. “No panic attacks“ he asked. “Nope not a one!“ I replied. He then talked with me about cutting my dose in half as I wanted to get off of the prescriptions so bad. I was all for it!

I continued my routine for another month and I reached out to my Doctor then! I called and spoke with him as that past month I was slowly becoming myself again! He then agreed to take my completely off my meds. This was the day I had been working towards! Days rolled on with my continued routine of CBD daily! Weekly I dropped some of the weight off and now here I am myself again and sharing the word of something that I think could be great for a lot of people just like me!

Just a southern girl with a passion for life!- Erica

In my next blog I will share what got my wheels turning to open a CBD business in my hometown! Email subscribe to the page for updates!

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